It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s our faith being restored in humanity!

A man in Sydney has warmed our hearts by dressing up as Superman to surprise some elderly residents currently in lockdown at an aged-care facility in Sydney’s south.

Youtube Chris Stanley, who we must say makes a very convincing Clarke Kent/Superman, dressed up in the superhero outfit and stood outside the window at Frank Vickery Village as the residents finished up watching the movie.

Stanley says he got the idea from his mum and hoped that it would bring “some joy into an otherwise gloomy world”.

One woman in particular was very excited by the stunt, and actually walked up to the window to kiss Superman’s cheek through the glass!

“She was loving it. She was so much fun,” said Stanley to the Today Show. “All the residents had a good time, it was something do different.


This comes after the government was forced to put restrictions on the people that can visit aged-care residents amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Stanley said that he felt the need to help distract and keep the elderly people in our community entertained during this tough time.

“We need to make them feel involved, special, put a smile on their dial,” he said.

“I’m very fortunate enough to know nurses, doctors, first responders who are also cos-players who are doing this full-time at the moment away from their families.

“It’s about digging deep and that distraction.”

Our hearts are so darn warm right now! This is the sort of happy story that we needed to hear right now!

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