Another long weekend is almost upon us! But this doesn’t just mean an extra day of sleeping in.

It also means that Double Demerits are about to be in force once again across NSW.

Double Demerits kick in from midnight tonight (midnight Friday June 5) as we head into the Queen’s birthday long weekend, and will be in force for four days until 11:59pm Monday June 8 inclusive.

Double the amount of demerit points can be applied for offences relating to speeding, seat belts, motorcycle helmets, drink driving and use of a mobile phone.

If you’re caught using your mobile phone behind the wheel during a double demerit period you will be hit with 10 demerit points and a fine of $344.

Driving without wearing a seat belt during double demerits will cost you six points and a $344 fine. However, this can jump up to 12 points if you have two or more unrestrained passengers and a fine of up to $1449.

Speeding offences can vary depending on how much over the speed limit a driver is going. For example. going 20km/h or more over the speed limit would usually incur four demerit points, but during double demerits this increases to eight.


In NSW motorists can lose their licence altogether if they receive 13 demerit points or more over a three-year period.

So make sure you continue to be safe out there on the roads and drive safely this long weekend.