NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is always a little wary when she joins the Kyle and Jackie O Show. Especially when Kyle starts a sentence with, “Hey I’ve got a great idea”…

But this time around, it actually was a great idea that came out of Kyle’s mouth! And for once, our Premier approved!

Kyle’s great plan was for a way that we can all celebrate here in NSW when we finally hit stage 4 and things return back to normal following the coronavirus pandemic.

He reckons that all of Sydney should put on one massive party and he even came up with a great name for it.

“Hey I’ve got a great idea for when we finally do come into stage 4 and everything goes back to normal,” Kyle began.

“Can you just please be careful of you idea in case you’re going to get me in trouble before you say it,” Gladys interrupted. She’s always keeping Kyle in check and we love it!

“No no!” Kyle continued before revealing his ingenious name. “Sydney Gets Lit.


“So what we do is we light up everything like at VIVID, just a one night thing, dance parties.”

And what did Gladys think? To our surprise, she loved it!

“That’s not a bad idea!” Ms Berejiklian exclaimed.

“And then we let the whole world know that we’re back in business!” Kyle added.

“So long as we social distance while we’re doing it, that is a nice idea,” Gladys said.

Now unfortunately the reality is that we’ll have to be social distancing for a while still as we wait for a vaccine to come, which certainly makes things like dancing difficult.


But Gladys told us that she’ll definitely put some effort into working out how we can make this happen safely.

“I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all so I’ll put my thinking cap on about how we can do that.”

“We’re making further announcements today and over the next few days about more restrictions we’re easing so life will start feeling much more normal and much more similar to what pre-COVID was like in the very near future in NSW.”

Until then we’ll just have to keep dancing in private like we’re in Footloose or something!

Hear more from our chat with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in the podcast below!

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