Fluorescent green-coloured water has been captured spilling from a stormwater drain in Sydney’s East leaving local residents and experts alarmed. 

Footage of the coloured water in Rushcutters Bay Park was uploaded to Facebook last Saturday with the caption: “What is this green chemical coming from the sewage system at Rushcutters park?”

While some joked that it was Midori, others insisted it was fluorescein, which is commonly used by plumbers to check for leaks in drainage systems.

Dr Ian Wright from Western Sydney University’s School of Science told Yahoo News Australia that the water colour could be a result of a dangerous type of algae.

“That colour is a real warning sign,’ he told the publication, adding that it could cause damage to people and animals.

“It can actually kill. It needs to be checked out.”

NSW’s recent heavy rainfall and warm temperatures mean that algae bloom is possible.


However, a Sydney Water spokesperson told the publication that the green water comes from a private building and is simply the work of a third party operator.

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