If money wasn’t an object to you, what would you spend it on? Something crazy and lavish we bet! And for this one high end concierge, it’s his job to make it happen.

Karim is the person who makes all of the dreams of the rich and famous come true! They want to purchase a private jet and fly all of their friends to party in the Greek Islands? Simple! A front row seat at the Channel fashion show in Paris? Consider it done!

And Karim’s fairy-godmother like magic in helping millionaires spend their cash is about to be aired on prime TV! He’s set to star in Channel 10’s private week show, Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians along with some of his wealthy clients.

Karim joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to tell us all about it when he revealed what it’s really like to be a high end concierge.

“Sometimes when they have so much money, they want things that they can’t get themselves and so they give us a call to make them enjoy their wealth really,” Karim explained to us.


If you’re thinking, ‘Like what?’, just get a load of this…

“We closed down the Vatican for a client for a private tour… and another client wanted a private, to drive on the course of the grand prix with his favourite F1 driver. We made that happen as well,” Karim continued.

It seems like there’s nothing Karim can’t do! But as it turns out there was actually one request from someone here in Sydney that they weren’t able to achieve…

Karim told us that one client wanted to shut down the entire Sydney Harbour Bridge during peak hour so that they could host a lavish dinner party for their closest friends.

“We don’t say no in our kind of business… But we got a request not long ago to close down the Sydney Harbour Bridge, set up a dining table on the middle of the freeway and also hang a crystal chandelier,” Karim explained.

“So whoever lived in North Shore wouldn’t be able to get home on time,” he continued. “Once you have that much, ,the only thing you want is something you cannot have.”


Can you IMAGINE the sort of traffic chaos that would have caused? Luckily Karim and his team came up with an appropriate solution.

“I had to kind of think, this isn’t very Australian… Imagine the trouble we could’ve gotten ourselves into if we could’ve pulled it off, which I don’t think we could of,” he told us.

“However, we presented a better option, without saying no. We had Shark Island, we set up an amazing marquee, we had a beautiful carpet floor, we had a super yacht and private fireworks and the best mixologist in the country. We had performances and everything.

“So it was like a $300,000 party just for two hours.”

Wow. If this is the kind of lavish stuff that we can expect from his show Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians, we can’t WAIT to watch! It all starts this Sunday on Channel 10!

Hear more from our chat with high end concierge Karim in the video above!