Eddie McGuire has announced that he will be standing down as President of Collingwood Football Club effective immediately.

McGuire had been set to step down as President at the end of 2021, however, accusations of a culture of racism within the club has seen voices calling for him to relinquish his role sooner.

The Collingwood board is understood to have been discussing the viability of McGuire’s Presidency following last week’s press conference.

An emotional McGuire addressed the media in a press conference today, saying: “I try my best and I don’t always get it right,” before confirming that he would be stepping down.

Meanwhile, an open letter signed by politicians and Indigenous leaders added to the pressure for the media personality to step down from his duties.

McGuire responded to the leaking of the Do Better report, which revealed a culture of systemic racism at the club, by saying that it was a “proud and historic day” for the club.

McGuire has served as President of the Collingwood Football Club since 1998.


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