As changes are being made to our everyday life amid the coronavirus outbreak, and with more changes set to come in the next few days, people are beginning to question whether or not it’s safe to send our kids to school.

We’ve already been told that non-essential gatherings over more than 500 people are to be cancelled and that we should be practicing social distancing.

Many businesses have also begun to have their employees work from home and some universities have announced that they will begin online-only classes.

So why then are our schools not being closed?

Kyle and Jackie O spoke with the NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard about the decision to leave schools open this morning and he told us that it’s actually the safest place for our children to be at the moment.

“What about schools? There is a general consensus among parents that any day now you’ll be sending kids home,” Jackie said.

“Looks NSW and all the actual states and territories agreed again last night as I understand it, but the safest place for kids at the moment is actually schools,” Mr Hazzard told us.


“We’ve had very, very few infections of young people at all right across the world really, and here in this country very very few, and it tends to be very mild.”

Mr Hazzard said that parents shouldn’t be worried and that they should still be sending their kids to school for the time being.

“So what we’re saying at the moment is that definitely go to school, enjoy school. But the schools are taking necessary steps, not jamming everybody into an assembly next to each other and just trying to get the kids to think about washing their hands and keeping more distance between themselves.”

“The kids at school, the official health view is, that’s the safest place for the kids to be,” he reiterated. “Obviously there’s some panic in the world… But logically just keep calm and carry on but keep some distance.”

The NSW Health Minister said that the best thing that we can be doing at the moment is consistently washing our hands, especially before handling food or touching our face in any way.

“At this stage we’re doing everything we can but we’ve got to be sensible,” Mr Hazzard continued. “Wash your hands every time you touch a surface, before you actually eat anything, before you put your hands anywhere near your mouth.


“Preferably, don’t put your hands new your face if you can avoid it.”

As for a lockdown for NSW as a whole, Mr Hazard told us that he isn’t expecting this sort of announcement from Scott Morrison at this current time.

“I don’t think so at all. I think chances are next to nil,” he told us. “He’ll give us some wise council about some more steps to keep us safe but not a lockdown.”

Hear more form out chat with NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard in the podcast below!

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