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It’s safe to say that nobody does New Year’s Eve quite like Sydney!

With some of the best fireworks displays in the world from incredible spots like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Darling Harbour, celebrating the new year in the city is certainly a bucket list item for most people!

But with all of that excitement also comes a little bit of uncertainty and braving the crowds can certainly be a tad daunting.  Especially if you’re a beginner… But it doesn’t have to be!

So if you’re planning on heading into the CBD to ring in 2020 for the first time, we’ve got all the tips and tricks that you need to know ahead of time!

In fact, our beginners guide to doing Sydney New Year’s Eve will have you feeling like a pro in no time! That way you can forget about your worries and focus on more important things… like partying into the new year!

Check it out below!

Will You Be Staying In the City?


It might seem like a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question, but whether or not you plan to stay somewhere in the CBD over New Year’s Eve is something that needs to be planned well in advance! And with a few things in mind –  it’s likely to be pricey and book out fast. This is one of the biggest nights all year in Sydney that we’re talking about here.

Our advice to get the best possible accommodation for your needs is to use a booking website like or Hotels Combined to see every option in one place and book as early as possible. Otherwise, we’d suggest contacting some relatives or friends who live in the city to see if they have a spare bed for you to sleep in! That would certainly be your more affordable option!

If You’re Not Staying, How Will You Travel To And From The City?

Even if you’re a newbie to Sydney New Year’s Eve, you should know that driving into the city on a night like this is something only mad people would attempt. Not only will heaps of roads be closed but there will be crowds of people walking around in flocks and traffic will be hectic!

So obviously our advice is to take advantage of public transport. There will be extra buses, trains and ferries running from the early afternoon on NYE through into the night and you can get real time updates on services via apps like Trip View or through specific transport social media channels.

Key accounts to follow and check throughout the night are @Trainsinfo, @SydneyMetro, @Busesinfo, @Ferriesinfo, and @LiveTrafficSyd. Alternatively, visit for more details on all extra services and to plan your trip for New Year’s Eve.


Travelling on public transport in Sydney just became so much easier too as you can now use an Opal card or your American Express, Mastercard, Visa card or linked device to pay for your trip.

Wear Something Comfortable

Yes, it’s Sydney New Year’s Eve and yes, we know you want to look as glam as possible. But TRUST US, this is not the night to wear your brand new 12-inch platform heels.

We can guarantee that there will be a lot of walking involved throughout the night whether you’re staying in the city or catching public transport so make sure you’re wearing your comfy walking shoes or something that won’t hurt after five minutes at the very least!

Otherwise the blister regret you’ll have the next day will be real.

It’s About To Get REEEEAALLL Crowded


If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘A New Year’s Eve spent in Sydney sounds lovely’, just know that a few thousand other people are thinking the exact same thing. i.e the crowds in the city on NYE can get pretty insane.

So again the main idea is plan, plan plan! Plan exactly where you will be going to watch the fireworks and get there nice and early to guarantee yourself a spot.

Don’t Forget To Stay Cool And Hydrated

While we say to get to your vantage point nice and early, this does mean that you’ll likely be getting there while the sun is out! And given that it’s the middle of summer, the likely-hood is that it’s going to be HOT!

So remember to pack a hat, wear some sunscreen, and drink plenty of water to make sure you’re staying hydrated while you wait for the fireworks!



Do you plan on eating on NYE while in the city? Well then don’t just play it by ear! Trust us, you don’t want to get stuck out in the crowds getting hangry because you didn’t think about where or what you were going to eat!

If a nice restaurant with a view of the fireworks is what you’re after, then there’s plenty of places that will be putting on special NYE menu’s but you’ll have to make a reservation well in advance. Find out which restaurants you can book on NYE here!

If you’ll be doing NYE with a more relaxed, picnic style meal, again, remember that there will be crowds. So if your plan is to line up somewhere and get takeaway food, it’s likely to be super busy and at very least we suggest packing some snacks to avoid the hangry situation we mentioned earlier. Find out what food options each vantage point has here!

And if you are bringing in your own food and drinks make sure you’re putting your rubbish in a bin or taking it home with you! Better yet, why not bring your food and drinks in reusable containers? This would certainly go a long way in helping our city reach its goal of having zero waste by 2030! (Find out how you can take the pledge to eliminate single use items here)

Have A Blast Ringing In The New Year

All in all, our best advice? Have fun! For most people spending New Year’s Eve in the Sydney CBD is a once in a lifetime kind of celebration so enjoy it with your friends and family and make the start of 2020 one to remember!


Follow the City of Sydney on Facebook Event,Twitter or Instagram @cityofsydney for important information to help you plan your night.

Don’t forget to use #SydNYE to share your midnight moments with the world.


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