Many have tried but VERY few have succeeded in breaking out of the incredibly secure Azkaban prison.

But thanks to a new escape room heading to Sydney, you’ll get the chance to try!

That’s right, a Harry Potter themed escape room is coming next month that will put witches and wizards to the test to see if they have what it takes to make it out from behind Azkaban’s bars.

In case you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, basically they’re real-life puzzle games where you and a team of friends have to solve clues while working against the clock to try and make it out of a room.

Only this time, the whole thing will be Harry Potter themed! So start memorising your spells and potions people! Although we don’t think a simple alohomora will get you out of this one…

It’s got a pretty odd location too, going down at the Campbelltown City Library of all places!

It’s going down from Saturday 17 August until Friday 23 August and you’ll be able to do it in teams of up to 6 people! And what’s even better, it’s FREE! So you can save up all those galleons.


So do you think you’ll be able to decipher all the clues before the dementors arrive? Find more details about the event here!

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