In news that has got us screaming with joy like Ross when he got excited about leasing Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment, we’ve just heard word that a FRIENDS themed brunch is on it’s way to Sydney!

And we’ll be there [for you and the brunch] even if the rain starts to pour!

Brought to us by the good people at The Brunch Club, the event is of course called ‘The One Where They All Went For Brunch’ and it’s set to bring us so much nostalgia from our favourite six peeps!

It’s set to come into town on 12th April although the location is yet to be announced (but we hear it’s about 10 minutes from the CBD).

As for what will go down at the event, there will of course be FRIENDS trivia, a FRIENDS-themed charades game and even a costume competition! So whether you feel like rocking your best Rachael outfit or are feeling bold with a Holiday Armadillo costume, make sure you dress up!

The brunch goes for two hours and will include two drinks and a variety of appetisers. Rumour has it that Ross’ moist make sandwiches could be on the menu and honestly that’s reason enough to go!



Find out more details, including how to get your hands on tickets, right here!

See you there FRIENDS fans!

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