We can all appreciate nice things, and after seeing this Melbourne woman’s TikTok, we feel truly blessed to have laid our eyes on these perfect grocery shelves.

Her video, which has now racked up almost 210K views, shows off the immaculate work of the Woolworths staff at her local store.

“Staff at my Woolies definitely need a rise. Look at this,” she said, before showing off the aisle.

@itsjustbeckiAnd literally ALL the shelves are like that! 🤯😍 ##foryou ##satisfying ##melbourne ##victoria ##southeastmelbourne ##woolworths ##woolies ##fyp ##needaraise

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And the comments section does not disappoint.

“As someone who works at the store and starts before the store is open, it looks like that before it gets absolutely trashed” added a user.


Becki, the lady who shared the video says “Not gonna lie I actually struggled to look for things cause it was like an optical illusion”.

We can see what she means! Regardless though, it does look impressive.

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