Woolies tried to do the right thing and enforce a shopping hour for strictly seniors and people with disabilities between 7am-8am this week.

This was so vulnerable shoppers could have the opportunity to purchase vitals that they missed out on due to the shopping hysteria that has occurred. 

This has failed (just a bit) due to low stock, which is a little out of their control to be fair.

The elderly began lining up early in the mornings (because they don’t sleep? Has anyone else noticed their grandparents only need like 1 hour of sleep??)



Some stores rose to the occasion and made a huge difference on these at-risk individuals.

However a lot of stores faced complaints that necessities such as toilet paper, bread and pasta had not been restocked!

Another concern has been for the logic behind allowing large groups of elderly people to gather together en masse, considering they’re the ones that have deadly consequences to catching COVID-19.

However, I’m finding it difficult to find blame to place on Woolworths. 


They were trying to do the right thing and I doubt they’re doing anything to halt the supply chain, it’s in their best interest to have ALL THE THINGS.

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