If you’re a single pringle, you’ll know that dating is a little more complicated these days. You don’t just simply walk into a coffee shop, flirt with someone cute and get their phone number like in a TV show (or maybe you do, you smooth talker)…

No, it’s all dating apps and online websites. Profile photos and clever one-liners.

One woman is FED UP and has taken it into her own hands by going to one place in town she knows would be packed with suitable men – Bunnings!

Leesh Cunningham has documented her journey to finding her future husband in the popular trade store on social media.

Heading into a store in NSW, Leesh can be seen holding up a sign and even getting assistance from staff to help locate men who are apparently “flying off shelves.”


Trip to Bunnings to find a husband part two! #bunnings #introvideo #fyp #humour #dating #funny #comedy #tradie #australia

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi


Maybe another day, Leesh!

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