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You only get one chance when it comes to waterproofing your home – so you want to get it right!

We spoke with Mitch Lawson, Director of Mi-Pro Waterproofing for his top tips so you can breathe easy when it comes to your new-build.

What’s one thing people should consider when taking on a renovation or new-build?  

Not only finding a licenced water proofer but finding a reputable licensed water proofer. Allow them enough time to complete their work, giving the membrane adequate time to dry in the current conditions. Keeping in mind you only get one chance to do the waterproofing, so this is not a trade to cut corners with on price or quality. If the membrane fails, it can be very costly to rectify.

What are some of the common reasons you see balconies or wet areas leaking?

The trades that follow – and not understanding the importance of the membrane, thinking that once it’s applied, it’s indestructible. A membrane is only millimeters thick and can be damaged as easily as dropping a hammer.


Not adhering to the manufactures specification or membrane thickness, only applying one coat of membrane, Mi-Pro always uses a two coat system.

How did Mi-Pro Waterproofing begin? 

From humble beginnings as a sole trader, we approached Wisdom Homes seeking opportunity to expand our business. Although our business was only young, Wisdom saw our passion and potential, then awarded us a small of portion of their work. Over the next 12 months, we were completing all of Wisdoms work and have continued to grow ever since

What makes you different from your competitors?

We pride ourselves on quality works which is why we have expanded from a one-man band to a business that employs over 20 staff, servicing an area from Jervis Bay to Newcastle and everywhere in-between. We continually strive to improve our service and understand the importance of meeting or client’s expectations.

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