We have all sorts of guests here on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Yesterday we had Schapelle Corby in studio, other days we’ll have mega A-listers like Kevin Hart dropping by!

But you know who we had join us in studio this morning? The real life version of Siri!

Or at least the woman who voiced Siri when the virtual assistant was first created. She joine us in studio as part of HP’s campaign to encourage people to break up with their Mac.

Now if you’ve ever wondered what Siri looks like in real life, prepare to be VERY surprised! Kyle of course pictured some hot, young girl on the job while Jackie imagined a librarian-looking type.

But in actuality Siri looks NOTHING like what we thought she would! Actually, does anyone else think she looks exactly like Jaime Lee Curtis?! Even her natural voice reminded us of the Hollywood actress! It was crazy.


Anyway, Siri’s real name is Susan Bennett and she joined us in studio this morning to explain just how she scored one of the biggest voice over jobs in the world.

“I’ve been a voice actor for years but I was not offered anything. It was a total surprise,” Susan told us about landing the job with Apple.

“In other words I was auditioning without really knowing I was auditioning… I did a lot of this type of recording and I never actually worked for Apple because Apple got all of their voices from this company called Nuance. They’re the biggest IVR company in the world.”

Susan explained to us how the process of recording Siri’s voice worked, and TBH we’re glad it wasn’t our job because it sounds very hard!

“It’s a really weird process called concatenation,” she told us. “it means linking thinks together.


“I had to read thousands of phrases and sentences that were created just for sound, just to get all the sound combinations. There’d be very nonsensical, weird phrases.”

Now we’d give you an example of the weird phrases, but we can’t eve type them out their that weird. Just imagine a bunch of babble and that’s basically it.

Anyway, Susan is actually no longer the voice of Siri after a millennial took over. And the reason why Susan reckons it’s a millennial is because Siri gets rather lazy now.

In fact, most of the time when you ask Siri a question she responds by saying she will search the web for you rather than actually knowing the answer herself.

So we decided to put it to the test. The ultimate Siri-off if you will. We put the real life Siri Susan and the phone Siri head to head with a bunch of questions to see who would come out on top!

And the results may surprise you… Check it out in the video above!

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