I was meant to be dream cruise, but for one family, it turned into a nightmare after a young mother was deemed “too pregnant” to travel.

Emily Jackson, 22, had just boarded a Disney cruise with her husband, two kids, parents and siblings and was waiting for her room key when Disney staff approached her.

According to Disney’s policy, women who are 24 weeks pregnant during the cruise will be refused passage.

Jackson was 25 weeks pregnant.

Thing is, when the family complained, things got ugly.


She alleges a security guard with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle intimidated her, scaring her two kids.

She added that the guard smirked and laughed at the family’s situation.

“They had the guy with a gun following us, they had the K9 unit. So when they had to take both babies outside, wait almost two hours for our luggage outside in the heat and both babies are red-faced. It was just terrible,” Jackson told KMOV.

“I felt so bad because I felt like it was my fault that everybody couldn’t go,” Jackson said.

She also said her issue wasn’t with the policy but “how they treated us after that point.”

“I’m mad because of how they treated me and my children… the fact that they felt they needed AR-15s to escort us out.”


Jackson says the cruise line offered her a refund for the cost of the cruise but not the plane tickets for the party of 10.

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