Are you sick of the daily grind? Do you need to get away for a well deserved break?

Have you been DREAMING of the ultimate holiday but are a little short on the funds?

Well here’s a little PSA for you people…

Tomorrow, Kyle and Jackie O are giving away a holiday somewhere in this big world to EVERY. SINGLE. CALLER who gets on air!

Yep, Fiji – Hawaii – LA – New Zealand – Thailand – You name it! We’ll fly you out to your dream holiday location for FREE!

And it’s so simple to win. Listen to Kyle and Jackie O from 6AM tomorrow morning, call us on 13 1065, get on air to talk with the guys and you will WIN!

It’s basically Christmas come early in our books!


While it’s simple to win, we bet that you’d do anything to increase your chances, even by the slightest amount. And so we’ve put together a list of three tips to help you win your dream holiday tomorrow!

1) Use multiple phones

The only way you can win is to get yourself on air and so the more lines that you have calling the station at once, the more chance you have at getting through! It’s simple maths!

At the very least, have 13 1065 on redial and keep call ALL morning for the chance to win!

2) Double check your reception and keep your phone off bluetooth or speaker phone

Anytime you call the station to get on air you have to have a clear line so that Kyle and Jackie O can hear you! And this is specifically important tomorrow as we have to be able to hear you on air for you to win!


So make sure you have crystal clear reception and keep that phone up close to your ear and off bluetooth or speaker phone.

3) Make sure you’ve got something to talk about!

We know that you’re going to be a little distracted in the morning packing your suitcase, so start thinking of what you might say on air NOW!

If you’re going to air for a segment like Last Calls, you need to make sure that you’ve actually got something fun to talk about with Kyle and Jackie O!

If you follow these tips, you’re certainly in with a great chance of winning a FREE holiday somewhere in this Big World!

GOOD LUCK! Find all the T&Cs here!


Listen to Conrad Officials new single #BigWorld here!