Facebook user Varun Pruthi has made a plea on Facebook to not bargain with the hardworking rickshaw driver so they are able to feed their families. 

“Just a humble request guys please don’t bargain with these hardworking guys if they’re charging fair amount, they work really hard just to feed their family.”

Varun’s plea comes with a video of him hiring a rickshaw from an elderly man with a set price of 30Rs.

When the rickshaw is moving, the words “It was around 45 degrees celsius/113 degrees fahrenheit” flash up on the screen. 

At the end of the ride, the words “I got off earlier” show on the screen.

Varun is then shown talking with the driver about how much he is asking for and the driver replies with much less than the full fare of 10Rs and that he is more than happy to do it. 

The passenger then points out that is much less than the fare agreed and even for getting off earlier.


Varun asks the driver how much he earns in a year, about his family, and then offers the driver 3000Rs – more than fifteen times his earnings.

The humble driver, indicates he cannot accept that amount and after some convincing the passenger gives the man the money. 

The video ends with a request to share this video to support humanity and the hashtags #pleasehelpthoseinneed and #nevergiveup. 

In Varun’s post on Facebook he also says “You can help and support the cause by buying inspiring BHB Shirts / T-shirts for Cause here:https://bringinghumanitybackbhb.myshopify.com/ Thank you so much for your support ! Join this page to become a part of our efforts.”