No one likes it when their flight is delayed. 

Running late always poses complications and is a massive headache! 

However the reason this flight was delayed will BLOW your mind. 

A Delhi-Shanghai flight was held up on Saturday by two hours all because an Air India passenger refused to sit in economy. 

Economic Times reported that a maintenance engineer who was flying on duty, insisted on being given a business class seat. 


An Air India official said “the engineer was offered a seat in the economy class since the business class was full. He objected to it and insisted on getting a seat in the business class. This delayed the flight.” 

It’s understood he acted out of line, because an engineer is only guaranteed a business class seat if there is one empty. 

The airline has been under a lot of scrutiny lately. 

Last month, footage emerged of the moment one of its Airbus planes crashed to the ground while being moved. 

Additionally, last year the company had to cancel a flight after forgetting to organise pilots. 


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