When it comes to the part of planning your trip where you’re forced to choose your plane seats, it truly is an an exciting, exhilarating time.

It’s the ACTUAL chair that you’ll ACTUALLY be sitting in on the way to your ACTUAL trip. So, what’s the important thing to know before you commit to a seat?

These are the seats to avoid, according to a report on Smarter Traveller…

The seat with the entertainment box

This is the seat where you’ll find a BIG old box under the seat in front of you, meaning – you guessed it – there’s nowhere to put your feet, or your bag!

The seat at the BACK of any section

Basically, they’re the ones found just in front of a bank of toilets of galley. You can’t recline and look forward to hearing flushing during your entire trip.


The seat next to the main exit door

Everyone thinks this seat is great, due to the ample leg room – but there are a couple of very important downsides.


You have no under-seat storage.

Yep, because the people behind you stow underneath your seat – and you’ll come up against – literally – the reduced seat width that comes with the solid metal armrests need to stow tray tables. Plus, you’ll be colder, as your seat is by the door.


This is because the door has inner mechanical workings instead of insulation like the rest of the plane.

The misaligned window seat

The promise of a window seat is thrilling for most people.

They get to see the takeoff and landing, and then CLOUDS for a loooooong time. But it doesn’t always work out as peachy as you’d hope. But many planes have configurations that place some seats between windows.

Not only is this disappointing for anyone who likes to look out the window, it can also create complicated lighting issues, as the window in front of and behind you may peek into your row but you won’t be able to control them.

Source: Smarter Traveler

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