New South Wales could open up its southern borders within the next few weeks, following sustained low case numbers in Victoria.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian signalled on Monday that her state’s border is likely to open within weeks, not months, but will depend on Victoria continuing to quash the spread of the coronavirus, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Health authorities over the border will look to see a fortnight of no community transmission in Victoria before making a call.

“I want to give the signal to the people of NSW that we’re talking weeks, not months, in terms of when the Victorian border may come down, but that again is based on health advise,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Now that Victoria is down to zero, or a handful of community transmissions a day, that gives us cause to reflect on when that two-week period starts for us.”

Prior to the pandemic, the Melbourne-Sydney airline route was the world second busiest for passenger movements.

On Monday, Victoria recorded its third day straight of no new, confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the state.

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