Weighing yourself before boarding a flight is now reality for anyone flying with Uzbekistan Airlines. 

According to Time, they will begin weighing passengers along with their luggage preflight. 

The airline have outlined the new policy on their website and have also noted that they will have a “special weighing machine” at the departure gate. 

They’ve also promised “confidentiality” and will not be associating weight with the passengers name. 

It was also stated that the weight records will only be labelled with a classification.

While all airlines calculate the total weight of the passengers on board and it’s typical to use an average, no airline has ever weighed passengers individually. 

The International Air Transport Associations said in a statement that they have never required airlines to measure passengers individually. 


This move is thought to be less about airline safety and more about moving towards charging passengers based on their weight. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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