One of Australia’s biggest budget airlines has rolled out a new deal that will see customers being able to book their holidays without paying a cent.

TigerAir is the first company in Australia to introduce a new payment system that allows customers to book now and pay later.

The interest-free system starts today, and customers will be able to book flights, which cost more than $250 in total and lock in their itinerary but have months to pay for it.

If they fail to pay off the flights in the interest-free period interest-free, however, they will be charged interest rates of up to 29.99 percent.

Choice, the consumer advocacy group, has labelled the program a ‘very bad idea’.

However TigerAir does not agree, saying they are “Tigerair is the first airline in Australia to offer an interest-free form of payment over six and 12 months,’’ he said.

“The payment option opens up the possibility of travel to more people than ever before allowing our customers to take a much-needed break today and pay it off on a plan.”


The flights can book their flights using interest-free credit cards including Gem Visa, GO Mastercard, CreditLine and Buyer’s Edge and they interest-free period to pay off their fares.

If you spend between $250-$499, you will have six months to pay them off. Anything more than $500 and you have 12 months to get rid of it!

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