Flying with little ones can be a chore. 

Especially on long haul flights. 

But the internet is abuzz with a new ingenious hack – and it all comes back to one item from our favourite store. 

A $5 Kmart doggie bed. 

Yep! It’s that simple!

An Aussie flight attendant posted to the Bondi Babies Facebook group after noticing a family using the beds on a recent flight. 


“I’m a flight attendant and just had a passenger travelling with three little kidlets,” the post read. 

“She bought 3x soft dog bed ($5 Kmart) as a comfy pillow. 

“The soft padded bits around the edge softened hard armrests, buckles etc, and also served as a pillow and leg rest.

“It was a winner! Perfect for airlines that don’t allow bedbox / flytot etc.”

The cushioning around the edges of the bed can act as a pillow and make sitting in a chair with armrests MUCH more comfortable. 

Meanwhile, the side means that they are easy to fold up and fit back into your carry on luggage. 


We bet they’d also be a godsend during any flight stopovers! 

Just make sure you keep them separate from the actual dog’s bed! We’re guessing that smell wouldn’t be so fun on a 12 hour flight! 

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