What started out as just an average day for this one couple ended with them jetting off to paradise. 

This Valentine’s Day, Air Vanuatu teamed up with KIIS 1065 to give one couple the trip of a lifetime to the pristine waters of Vanuatu. There was just one catch…

They had to be packed and ready to go to leave that night! 

Before the big day, we were bombarded with hopeful couples registering in the competition for the chance to be whisked away to the paradise that is Port Vila. 

To make the experience feel all the more real and exciting for each contestant we then set up a fake Air Vanuatu check in counter, where the registered couples came to place their boarding pass in a draw. 


Finally, a winner was chosen, and the lucky couple could not have been more excited! 

This morning our winners woke up at Breakas Beach Resort in Port Vila, which is a 4-star resort on the waterfront, ready to immerse themselves in the Islands rich culture and explore all that Vanuatu has to offer. 

In Vanuatu, the only thing that is spoilt is you. Congratulations to our lucky couple!

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