New Zealanders in Australia are unhappier than any other type of immigrants.

They also distrust Australian politicians and government institutions more than almost any other group.

A new comprehensive survey of experiences of Australian life, released by the Scanlon Foundation and Monash University on Wednesday, also finds nearly three in 10 Kiwis say the thing they like least about Australia is the racism and discrimination here.

Report author Andrew Markus says that although New Zealanders do relatively well economically, there’s a strong sense of discrimination because they don’t get access to the same welfare and government assistance as other immigrants.

“I don’t think a lot of people necessarily plan that well so they arrive and then later they find out (don’t get access to services),” he told AAP.

“If an Australian goes to New Zealand they get full rights but they come here and they don’t get full rights.”

The survey, which covered more than 10,000 people, also found among Kiwi residents in Australia:


* 17 per cent were unhappy

* 28 per cent said experience of life in Australia was more negative than they expected

* 10 per cent trust Australian political parties

* 17 per cent trust the federal parliament

* 63 per cent say “you can’t be too careful” when asked if they trust other people.


AAP; Photo: AAP

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