When you go to book to a flight online, you want the experience to be stress-free, simple and easy to follow.

Sadly, this is not often the case and if you’re booking your flights late at night when your brain is feeling sluggish, or if you’re rushing to book a last-minute flight – there’s a lot of room for error. 

The most irritating part of the process, for me, is pre-selected choices creeping up on you and adding extra costs to your final bill.

Deselecting choices that you definitely didn’t ever want in the first place can be more than a little frustrating.  

These days, a lot of budget airlines automatically add pre-selection for things like checked baggage, donating to the airline’s charity of choice, seat selection extras and so on. 


Earlier this week Virgin Australia announced they were stopping adding travel insurance to customers’ online airfare booking in response to concerns by the consumer watchdog that travellers have been inadvertently paying for unwanted extras. 

It’s not just Virgin who do this, Tigerair and Jetstar are guilty of it too. 

Today, Jetstar have announced that from July 1, 2017, they will no longer pre-select checked baggage, seat selection, travel insurance and charity donations on its online booking platforms.

The move came following discussions with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

We’re yet to hear if Tigerair will follow suit. 



Source: Daily Mail / AAP

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