Air Asia have cancelled their routes to Bali from Sydney and Melbourne.

They have only been operational since last year and as of September 1 they will cease to exist altogether.

Air Asia say they’re doing this in an effort to be more efficient however the move has angered a lot of customers who were due to fly with the company after the cutoff date.

Those due to fly after September 1 were informed by email today that they would no longer be able to do so and instead they would need to either reschedule to an earlier date, claim a refund or take a rerouted flight via Kuala Lumpur, although they would only be able to do so if there were seats available.

Angry customers have been taking to Facebook to voice their frustrations.

Many feel they have been given little or no notice and they’re worried that they won’t be able to get affordable flights elsewhere that will match their booked and paid for accommodation.


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