A flight attendant says she was left traumatised after she was forced to wipe the ass of an obese passenger after he used the loo on a flight between LA and Taipei.

According to Taiwan media, the flight attendant took to Instagram to detail the “dirty” experience.

She wrote that an old, American man, weighing around 200 kilograms, boarded the flight and made “unreasonable requests” of the all-female flight attendant cabin crew.

Mid-flight, he told the flight attendant that his right hand was recovering from surgery and, because of this, could they please help him to go to the toilet.

He couldn’t fit into the toilet in economy, so he was taken to the one in business class.

 “It was the beginning of a nightmare,” the flight attendant wrote.

Moments after entering the cubicle, he pressed the emergency assistance button. With his undies half-down and his genitals exposed, he asked the flight attendant to help him pull them all the way down.


She refused, but he insisted: “Come in and help me out … you promised to help me!”

The flight attendant put on a pair of surgical gloves and placed a rug over the passenger’s groin before pulling down his underwear.

After relieving himself, the passenger “shamelessly” asked the flight attendant to wipe his behind.

“This is really too much,” she said.

“The cabin crew are all female, and we don’t have a male team member. No one can help you.”

The man then apparently yelled “You promised to help me!”


“I promised to help you go to the toilet, not to wipe your butt!” the flight attendant replied.

“You promised me…what can I do if no one wipes my butt? Do you want me to stay in this toilet?” he pleaded.

The exchange was now disturbing other passengers, so the flight attendant finally relented and donned three pairs of gloves.

But it gets worse.

Still not satisfied, the man kept saying “deeper, deeper!”

The flight attendant said that she locked herself in another toilet cubicle, vomited, and cried.


After landing, it was reported that a male ground crew took the man off the flight and asked him if he needed to use the toilet.

The passenger said “yes,” but when asked if he required any assistance, he replied “no”.

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