Unless you’re mega-wealthy, flying anything other than economy has always been the dream. 

The great thing is, it’s actually possible to get an upgrade. 

Every now and then, there will be a few business or first class seats available on a flight, and lucky flyers have the opportunity to live the life of the rich and famous! 

Normally, upgrades are given to passengers who have a lot of points or fly often with the airline. 

The there are also occasions where those who are dressed respectively for the flight are invited to have a seat up the front too. 

So, while we are all aware of the ways to increase your chance of flying in a fancier class, we know very little about ways that will DECREASE our chances of getting an upgrade. 

The MOST important thing not to do is NOT choose your seat. 


Who would’ve thought getting organised would let you down?!? 

In the eyes of air hostesses and flight staff, if you’ve already set yourself up with a seat, you’re sorted. 

Alternatively, if you’re still floating around anywhere then there’s a higher chance they could find you an extra comfy space in business class. 

While it’s definitely not a surefire way to get an upgrade, it certainly does increase your chances. 


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