At first glance this ad is like any other for a prestige hotel – young professional man and woman with breakfast in bed, wearing the hotel-issued fluffy gowns and slippers. 

But when viewers began to examine the ad further, a few problems arose. 

Firstly, people noticed that the woman in the photo was reading a Chanel coffee table book, while her partner was reading the Australian Financial Review. 

Secondly, the dish of pastries is on the man’s side of the bed, meanwhile of course the fruit platter was placed beside the woman. 

(To be fair, at least the french toast or pancakes is a little more centred!). 

And let’s not get started on the woman’s near perfect hair and skin… She wouldn’t look out of place at an A-list event. And I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly not the case for me first thing in the morning. 


So do you think this ad is inappropriate and sexist? Or are people being too sensitive and politically correct? 

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