It’s one of Australia’s most loved travel destinations, until Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks.

Prior to the outbreak, 1.2 million Aussies made the trip to Indonesia each year to have our cheap but luxurious stays.

However, with the outbreak, there are fears about how Bali will shrive without tourism.

Even in February, before the global pandemic took over, tourism was down 28.9 per cent year on year.

The number of visitors has since dropped by another 17.9% to 358,000 visitors.

The local news outlet, Coconuts, has reported that the Bali Tourism Agency had forecast tourists could return in May, especially from countries who no longer have mass outbreaks, like China.

“The key is no more local transmissions. When we achieve that, not even until June, even May we can start welcoming Chinese tourists,” head of the Tourism Agency in Bali Putu Astawa told local publication Tribune on Thursday.


But shortly after, that was refined and they said “Efforts to recover the tourism sector by attracting tourists to Pulau Dewata will only be done once the pandemic comes to an end.’’

Numbers of cases are growing across Indonesia, with 7135 infections — including 616 deaths.

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