Forget the Hogwarts Express, flying cars and broomsticks, a new magical form of transport is here to set Potterheads into a FRENZY!

An American cruise company has developed a ship that is completely dedicated to all things Harry Potter theme and it’s setting sail down the River Thames in London later this year.

This magical cruise run by barge company Barge Lady Cruises is a one-week long Potter adventure, docking at various filming locations from the Harry Potter films including Virginia Water (the place where Harry meets Buckbeak), Picket Post Close (the real life location of 4 Picket Drive) and Warner Brothers Studios.

Cruising dates are available throughout August this year but just a warning you won’t be able to use some sneaky floo powder to get yourself on board. In fact, you’ll probably have to break out all of your gold from Gringotts as it will cost you a whopping $4,190 per person for the holiday.

But worth it amiright?


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