Oh no, this is so dangerous!

Three young kids from Bolivia have attempted to become superheros by letting a highly venomous spider bite them!!

A Bolivian publication, Telemundo, reported that three brothers ages 8, 10 and 12 from the town of Chayanta were going to ‘graze goats’ when they came across a Black Widow spider.

Black Widows are small spiders but have an unusually potent venom, only the female spider is dangerous to humans!

Apparently the kids recalled that Spiderman got his powers from a spider bite and had the genius idea to “experiment to see if the sting gives magical powers”.

The eldest son riled up the spider with a stick and went first, then the 10 year old and finally the youngest hot bit with the help of his brothers.

Within a few minutes their mum knew something was wrong and took them to a health centre where they were soon transferred to a Children’s hospital. 


The brothers showed symptoms of muscular pain, sweating, fever and tremors but were eventually treated with an anti-venom serum and are completely fine.

Officials now use the case to teach parents to “be careful since for children everything is real, movies are real, dreams can be real, and they are the illusion of our lifetime”.

I have a feeling these kids probably won’t be attempting to do that again….