The mother of ALL giveaways is back on The Kyle & Jackie O Show and it’s going to be MASSIVE!

This Monday, September 14, every caller who gets on-air during the show will win $5,000 CASH.

Here are our tips and tricks to getting on-air!

  1. Set yourself a reminder to listen to KIIS 1065 Monday morning from 6am.
  2. Put 13 1065 in your speed dial!
  3. Don’t let the engage signal put you off. Keep calling!
  4. When the phone rings, don’t give up after a few rings let it keep ringing!
  5. Use more than one phone.
  6. Be in a spot where you have good signal. It will connect quicker!
  7. Work with some friends and perhaps split the money if you get on air.

For more information, click here. 

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