It’s no secret that early on each year people around Sydney go absolutely CRAZY for one thing. The Sydney Royal Easter Show. And there’s no questioning why either.

The event that takes place at Sydney Showground around Easter each year offers families anything and everything from rides, to performances and competitions, the most delicious food on a stick, animals, showbags and much, much more!

So you can imagine just how EXCITED we are for Kyle and Jackie O’s next You Get A… competition!


On Monday March 2nd, every single caller who gets on the air is going to win one of our special, money can’t buy, Easter Show GOLDEN TICKET!


It’s something that’s never been done before and you’ll certainly be jumping for joy like grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka when if you’re one of the lucky winners!

So first things first, what exactly is included in an Easter Show Golden Ticket? Well try this on for size…

It gives you free entry for 4 people into the show, with UNLIMITED rides ALL DAY!

A family pass to our all-new Haunted House – we guarantee you will get wet!

A family pass to ride our new KIIS Eye!

You’ll also get the world-famous Kyle and Jackie O show bag
AND the top TEN showbags at this year show.


Sounds incredible right?! So how do you get your hands on one? Just make sure you’re listening to Kyle and Jackie O on Monday morning from 6am, call 13 1065 and get on air with the guys! That’s it!

Of course being such an INCREDIBLE prize, there’s going to be some tough competition out there for these tickets. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you get on air with us on Monday and WIN!

1) Early bird get’s the worm… Make sure you’re up and listening from 6AM!

Kyle and Jackie O start at 6AM in the morning but it’s no secret that a lot of our listeners, despite how much they might love the show, are still in bed at this time.


So if you want to call through to the show at a time when it’s not as busy, we’d definitely advise that the earlier the better!

Of course, don’t forget that we’ll be giving out Easter Show Golden Tickets to every caller on air with us for the entire show so if you miss out during the 6AM hour, make sure you keep trying until Kyle and Jackie O finish up!

2. Make sure you phone line is ready to go on air!

When you first call up the show you’ll get to chat with one of our lovely producers who’s job it is to make sure your call is ready to go to air. If your line is fuzzy, echoey or isn’t clear then you might not make it to air. So to give yourself the best chance of getting on the radio, make sure you’re in a spot with great reception, your phone is off speaker or bluetooth and you speak loud and clear into the phone!

3. Make sure you’re prepared for the segment that you’re calling up for!

We have numerous segments on the Kyle and Jackie O show that require our listeners to come up with a topic to talk about, like first calls or last calls! If this is the segment you’re calling for, make sure that you have something topical and fun ready to chat with Kyle and Jackie O about.


There are our three top tips, the rest is up to you! Good luck Sydney!

Make sure you’re listening to Kyle and Jackie O from 6am Monday March 2nd, call 13 1065 and get to air, and you’ll win one of our Easter Show Golden Tickets!

Find more information about the competition here.

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