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A staircase is a vital part of many homes.

But it’s not that often we’re tasked with picking a new one!

We spoke with Craig D’Hyon from Designer Staircases about some of the major things to consider.

What would be your top tips for picking the perfect staircase for your home?

  1. Firstly, the style of the staircase needs to match the home. You wouldn’t put a steel spine in a Hamptons Style home or a timber handrailing in a modern home.
  2. The staircase is used a lot in a home, so where possible, we always try to design the staircase to be as comfortable and user-friendly as the space allows us.
  3. The look. It’s the biggest piece of furniture in your home that cannot be moved so we like to ensure that it’s going to be impressive from every angle. Plus, you want your friends to be envious when they visit your home!

What are the biggest trends in staircases you’re seeing at the moment?


Our Hamptons Designs and Steel Spine Staircases – they’re definitely “the flavour of the month”. Our clients are always after something different, so we tend to not push the trends as it is important that a staircase design matches their home. Glass balustrade designs are also popular, incorporating either a stainless steel & timber handrail on them.

How did Designer Staircases begin?

Designer Staircases commenced business 21 years ago by Frank & myself in a small factory in Prestons and employing approximately three to four people. We’ve since grown to a company of approximately 40 staff members, plus subcontractors and are recognized as one of Sydney’s most advanced staircase company – both in design and technology as well as service.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Designer Staircases have never stopped advancing and improving our products. Our staircases are individually designed and prepared with computer-aided technology to ensure the most precisely manufactured staircases are available to our clients. This in turn allows us to design staircases that would probably not be available or attempted, if made by hand due to the accuracy that is required.

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