We all love a nice surprise here and there, but we’ll take it without eight legs, please! 

A Woolworths shopper in Toowoomba, Queensland got a shock when he spotted a live funnel web spider in a bag of spinach. *shivers*

The customer, Em, shared a photo of the rare find to Facebook and had even named the critter ‘Mrs Ticklefangs’.

“Purchased from Woolies. Who wants some protein in their pesticide-free salad?” he wrote online.

“I’m not made, Woolies. Proves the veggies are managed well!

“Mrs Ticklefangs was relocated safely.”


Other customers agreed that despite the scary appearance of a large, black spider amongst the bag of greens, there was a positive takeaway.

“Shows how good the produce is, pesticide-free, when you go to add spinach to your dinner and find a live spider in the packet,” one user added.

Woolworths told 7NEWS they were investigating the incident.

“We treat food safety seriously and would encourage the customer to contact their local store, so we can look into the matter with our supply partners,” a spokesperson said about the report on social media.

“If ever our customers are concerned about product quality or safety, we encourage them to return it to their local store or contact our Customer Hub for a refund or replacement.”

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