While everyone’s stockpiling toilet paper and other essential items, the Kyle and Jackie O show is also busy preparing for a possible quarantine situation…

With the coronavirus continuing to spread across the country, with new cases being reported every single day, everyone is preparing for the possibility that we may have to self isolate ourselves.

And well, this got us thinking. What would the Kyle and Jackie O Show do if we had to be placed into quarantine? How would we broadcast if we couldn’t come into our studio?

This was very nearly a reality for us yesterday, with word going around that someone in our building was being tested for the coronavirus.

Before you ask, we’re all okay and it was a false alarm! But it did force us to prepare for the possibility that we couldn’t come into the Kyle and Jackie O studios.

Never fear though 6 O’Clockers! We wouldn’t be leaving your airways in the case of a quarantine situation! NOTHING, can stop us! Instead, we decided to come up with a backup plan, just in case.

If we are to be quarantined we will basically hold a big show sleepover at Jackie’s place in Bondi and broadcast she show straight from her balcony!


“Why don’t we make our plan right now? Whose house are we going to?” Brooklyn asked on air this morning.

“Jackie’s,” Kyle said immediately. “It’s got the ocean view, we can smoke on the balcony…”

“Yeah I think my house,” Jackie added.

Perfect! The location is sorted. But now for the broadcasting logistics…

In order to go live, we will need someone to be inside our usual studio. So the plan is that shivering Adam will be the chosen one and we will put him in a full hazmat suit so that he can push all of the necessary buttons. We thank Adam in advance for his brave dedication to the cause.

“Adam’s going to be here in studio in the contagion suit,” Kyle declared.


Now unfortunately we won’t be able to get a transportable sound-proof studio and so our show will likely sound VERY different.

“We’ll be out on a balcony so the noise will be pretty… You’ll hear all the waves!” Jackie said. “Is that okay?”

But doesn’t Jackie know Kyle at all? The man has said in the past that he is prepared to die live on air, so no measly waves will stop him from broadcasting!

In fact, Kyle decided to do a test run this morning with how our show could sound from the balcony… And it’s honestly the best thing ever!

Listen to the Kyle and Jackie O Show – The Quarantined Edition in the podcast below!