We reckon we can safely say that everyone has told a little white lie before and most likely that fib was told to help get them out of some sort of unpleasant situation.

But never have we heard of someone go to such extreme lengths to get out of something before! And continue that lie for WEEKS to come…

Kyle and Jackie O had a guy call up yesterday and admit that he once faked having a heart attack in order to get out of a pretty bad argument that he was having with his wife.

Now true Kyle and Jackie O fans would know that Kyle has tried to pull something similar before, but our listener Luke was far more dedicated to the cause than Kyle was.

Not only did Luke get an ambulance to hospital and go through with all of the testing and medical procedures, but he then milked it for another two weeks at home, getting his wife to wait on him hand and foot.

He told us that he even had a little bell on his bedside table to call his wife when he needed something and all of the neighbours made him meals to eat while he “recovered”.

Now Luke must have been a pretty incredible actor because his wife clearly bought the whole thing and felt pretty terrible that their fight had caused the accident…


So he must also be pretty darn stupid to have agreed to come back on air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to admit to his wife that he faked the whole thing, eight years later!

“Oh god, I hope it doesn’t get you in the sh*t Luke, I’m going to feel bad if it does,” Jackie said right before the moment of truth. “My hope here is that she’ll laugh about it.”

But there was no humour to be found here… Luke was well and truly in the sh*t when he let the truth slip. In fact, we think he’ll be in the dog house for a while.

Listen to the moment that Luke came clean and hear how his wife reacted in the podcast below!

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