No doubt you’ve heard of ghosting before. In this day and age of dating online, it’s a pretty common occurrence.

In case you don’t know what in the heck that means, basically it’s when you cut off all communication out of the blue with someone. Traditionally speaking, it’s something that happens online and involves a person ignoring all attempts at communication.

In short, it’s a pretty common yet brutal way of letting someone know that you’re just not that into them.

But today we heard of a form of ghosting that we didn’t actually know was possible! This poor girl was ghosted by her date in person. And what’s even worse? It happened at her date’s home!

Eileen called up the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to tell us her date fail story.

Basically what happened is that she had been chatting with a girl on Tinder for a few months when they eventually decided to meet up in person.

But it was on this first date that things turned real weird, real fast! Eileen had gone to dinner with this girl before she was invited back to her date’s place.


They were only at her date’s home for about 15 minutes when she suddenly told Eileen that she needed to duck out to the shops and that she’d be back soon.

But she never came back! Literally two hours later, Eileen was still waiting at this girl’s house, chatting politely with her housemates, wondering what on earth had gone wrong!

To this day, she doesn’t know what the reason for the live ghosting was because she didn’t wait around to find out. Eventually Eileen left and hasn’t spoken with the date since.

Talk about brutal! After hearing Eileen’s story, Kyle and Jackie O wanted to find out if this is more common than we thought and so we asked our listeners to call up and tell us their extreme excuses for ditching a date.

Hear what they told us in the podcast below!



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