No one likes getting a fine while driving and so of course we’re always conscious of driving carefully, staying away from our phones and driving to the speed limit to avoid it.

But we bet you didn’t know that there’s actually SO MANY weird and whacky road rules out there that could cost you HUNDREDS of dollars in fines. And it’s pretty likely that you’re actually guilty of doing at least one of these…

If there’s one thing that gets under Kyle Sandilands skin it’s anything annoying to do with driving. Whether it’s the highway patrol or people driving slowly in the right hand lane, it’s safe to say that Kyle gets a tad road ragey when speaking about it.

And so it wasn’t really all too surprising to hear Kyle going OFF about the little known road rules that he dubbed as being “dumb” on air this morning.

But it was surprising to hear what is actually illegal out there on the roads…

“I’ve got a list,” Kyle said this morning before he began rattling them off.

“We know waving goodbye, if you stick your hand out of the car window to say goodbye, bang, $325 fine 3 demerit points. No part of your body is allowed to be outside of the vehicle, at all.


“Not your elbow, you’re not allowed to hold your hand out the window with a cigarette, nothing.”

Yep, that also means if you wave out the window to say thank you to someone for letting you merge, you could cop a fine!

“The only time you’re allowed to put your hand out the window is if your indicators aren’t working and you’re using it as a turn signal,” Kyle added.

This one threw us because we swear we’ve done this like 1000 times… Which of course made us think, what else don’t we know about?!

Well, what about splashing pedestrians. If you’re driving along and your car splashes a pedestrian with mud then the maximum penalty in NSW is $2,200. Yep, it’s considered an actual crime in our state.


It’s also illegal to leave your car unlocked or the windows down when you park your car, otherwise it will cost you a $108 fine here in NSW.

Here’s one for pet owners who have animals that are scared of driving:

“If you’re caught with an animal in your lap, $260 fine,” Kyle revealed. “You’re supposed to restrain it with a seatbelt in the vehicle.”

Do you take a bike on your car every now and then? Well make sure you remove your bike rack when you’re not transporting the bike! Otherwise it’s a $400 fine!

Honking your horn can also carry a $337 fine unless you’re warning people of your approaching vehicle or to beep animals out of the way on the road.

“So we’re not actually allowed to use our horn out of aggression?” Jackie asked.


“Never. That is totally not what it’s for, it’s only there to warn people that you’re coming,” Kyle said.

What about if you need to go to the toilet while you’re driving? While public urination is illegal, apparently you can urinate as long as you do it on the wheel of your own car!

“You are only allowed to lawfully urinate on the left, rear wheel of your own vehicle,” Kyle revealed. Now that’s definitely a weird one…

We could literally go on and on it seems with these odd road rules! You can hear more in the podcast below! You never know, it could just save you a couple hundred dollars!