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Getting the right lighting in your house is essential.

You want it to not only light the room well – but you want it to look amazing!

We spoke with the team at Hogan Electrical on mistakes to avoid and what trends they’ve noticed recently.

How did Hogan Electrical come about?

The owner of Hogan Electrical, Craig Hogan, spent 30 years working for the same company, starting as an apprentice to a qualified licensed electrician. When the opportunity presented itself for him to take over the business as the previous owner was retiring, Craig decided to step up and be his own boss. Craig has been part of the Wisdom Homes family from the very beginning, and now we are proud to see Hogan Electrical part of that family, too.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing at the moment?


Electrically, the trends are in lighting design, automation and networking using smart devices. We are also seeing a lot of customers be more energy efficient in their lighting and power choices when planning what they need in their new home.

What’s one of the biggest mistakes you often see when people are building a new home?

Cheaper isn’t always better. Understand what you need in a home from the beginning, and then build with the most knowledgeable and reputable builder and trades, who can understand your needs and make them a reality.

What makes you different to your competitors?

Hogan Electrical prides itself on customer service and good workmanship. We have great staff who are always looking for innovative and fresh ideas.

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