Every now and then we’re reminded about just how many geniuses must work at Ikea.

They have insanely clever storage solutions and delicious meatballs, sure, but we think they might have just outdone themselves.

Meet Djungelskog.

He is a $35 brown, soft toy bear that “always greets you with open arms” and the internet has absolutely fallen in love with him.


Actually, his name isn’t Djungelskog, that’s the name given to Ikea’s range of plush toys. He’s technically name-less, but the internet seems pretty set on calling him Djungelskog.

We can’t explain why everyone loves Djungelskog so much, some things are just bigger than words.

Perhaps the funniest thing about Djungelskog is the fact that he comes with instructions and somehow looks just as cuddly in Ikea’s instruction style.


Ikea describes him as having “a giant stomach where you can feel safe resting – in other words, a real softy,” which sounds a bit harsh.

You look beautiful to us, Djungelskog.

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