European Summer is well on its way and that means it’s time to mentally prepare for an onslaught of beachside pics.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading over there this year (rather than sitting at work cursing those with a cocktail in hand), Contiki has done all the hard work and rounded up the best Insta accounts to satisfy your wanderlust, because if you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen right?

Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia
You’ll be immediately struck by the towering limestone cliffs and the clear turquoise water in this hidden Italian oasis. With just a slim stretch of white sand, Cala Goloritze is located at the base of a ravine, so don’t forget to pack your walking shoes for the journey there. It’s considered the most beautiful beach in Italy and was even made a World Heritage site in 1994.

Copacabana Beach, Dubrovnik
If you didn’t just start humming Copacabana in your head you’re not human! The Instagram caption practically writes itself. If you’re looking for turquoise water so bright it hits you (and your followers) in the face, look no further than this slice of Croatian paradise.


Perivolos Beach, Santorini
Do white pebble beaches seem slightly overdone to you? Us too that’s why Contiki visits Perivolos Beach on the Ultimate European for the spectacular black pebbles – straight out of a Sports Illustrated shoot. The nearby volcano mud baths are also a must for recreating Ritchie and Alex’s chocolate bath scene from The Bachelor.

Mattinatella, Puglia
The stunning contrast of colours will burst off your feed at ‘Fontana delle Rose’ with strikingly white cliffs and sand, bright blues of the ocean and the greenery above. With two beaches separated by a rocky spur, one can only be reached by sea and remains practically untouched. Heaven!

Praia de Miramar, Portugal
Located in a charming seaside town, if you’re looking for a beachside yet historic location to say ‘I do’ this would be the place. With a small 17th century chapel, Senhor de Pedra sitting on a rocky headland beat the tourists to this off-the-beaten path location.


Cala Codolar, Ibiza
Snag yourself the ultimate cave photo looking out to bright blue water at this hidden gem. This lesser known spot is sheltered by golden cliffs with a much more relaxed atmosphere than the rest of Ibiza. Make sure you snap a shot as you’re diving into the sky blue water or sipping on a cocktail at the beach bar.

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Navagio Beach, Greece
Known as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove, this slice of Greek heaven is best appreciated from the cliffs above. Head up to the viewing platform if you can drag yourself off the powdery white sands (just follow signs to the Agios Gergio Kremnao monastery). FYI the actual beach is so special it’s only accessible by boat!

Kleopatra Beach, Turkey
According to legend, this beach on the Turkish Riviera received its majestic name from Cleopatra who was said to have stopped in the picturesque Bay of Alanya to bathe. In fact, you can still see the relic of the famous Seljuck castle, a gift to the Egyptian Pharaonin from the beach.

Diamond Beach, Iceland
After something a little (or a lot) different? With striking black sand against the out-of-this world landscape, you’ll often find icebergs frequently washing up on shore at Diamond Beach. The contrast is incredibly stunning and if you can capture at sunset we promise it will take your breath away.


Marina Grande Beach, Positano
We couldn’t finish the list without a stop in Positano, it’s worth it for the orange umbrella/Aperol shot alone. With astoundingly gorgeous seascapes and the cliffs of the Amalfi rising behind, it’s picture perfect. Not to mention the string of restaurants and bars!


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