A 55-year-old cancer patient has been verbally attacked in a Woolworths carpark after being wrongly accused of having the coronavirus. 

The Sydney woman, who undergoes daily hospital treatment for lung cancer, was wearing a face mask while shopping when the harassment began.

In an interview with Channel 7, the woman’s daughter claims that she was abused by a man after she began coughing.

The man then reportedly followed her to the carpark, and as she was driving away yelled, “go home you dirty ****”. The ordeal has left the woman feeling humiliated, confused and too scared to leave home.

“She’s trying to put it behind her but now no longer feels comfortable going to her local supermarket of 20 years, since her cancer symptoms and mask cause suspicion,” her daughter told the publication.

She issued the following plea to the public.

“Stop and think that you might actually be judging the ones who are most at risk if they catch it.”



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