A world-first surface disinfectant spray developed in Australia is said to be able to kill COVID-19 in 90 seconds, and 5.5million people across the country will have access to it from today.

The spray, titled ViroCLEAR, was developed in Northern NSW by BioInnovate and production began in Melbourne this week after it was fast-tracked for approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Most disinfectants take ten minutes to kill the virus, if at all.

“Think about when you go to the supermarket and someone passes you a trolley that has just been wiped down,” BioInnovate Chair Ross Macdougald said.

“In reality, COVID-19 can stay on that surface for 10 minutes or longer and so it is highly transmissible.

The same goes for handles and seats on public transport, university and school desks, communal food halls and on all surfaces in aged care homes, where 683 older vulnerable residents have died.”

ViroCLEAR will first be rolled out as a hand sanitiser and surface spray to schools, aged care facilities and hospitality venues.

It is expected the rest of the community will have access to the product by the end of the month and it will be available for export by mid-year.