So just when we thought that we’d heard it all when it comes to weird and whacky life hacks, today we learnt that there’s actually people out there who keep their activewear in the freezer instead of their drawers.

Aussie actress Madeleine West joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning when she revealed the strange habit, but explained that it actually kind of made sense!

Madeleine told us that when she used to live with one of her friends, she was shocked to open the freezer one day and find that the peas and carrots had been replaced with her friends netball uniform!

But she explained that there was a simple reason behind it. And if you’re a superstitious sports player, you might actually want to try it out.

“You said your old roommate used to put her sports gear, including the shoes, in the freezer,” Jackie said on air this morning. “Why did she do that?”

“Her justification was, and…a lot of footballers do this as well, she was superstitious about a certain netball outfit she had,” Madeleine told us. “And so at the grand final she didn’t want to wash it because it was lucky.”

We’ve certainly heard of sports stars thinking that washing the clothes that they’ve won in could impact their luck, but why keep your dirty clothes in the freezer? Well it turns out that the cold air actually has a kind of sterilising effect to it and gets rid of all the smells!


“So she’d literally keep it from the last game that she had won and she’d put it in the freezer because it sterilised it,” Madeleine explained.

“So all the germs would die and then she’d pull it out, give it a shake, let it defrost and any kind of bad stuff would die off.

“But I’d open the freezer and there her netball gear would be.”

It’s got to be the weirdest thing we’ve ever heard! Would you ever try it?

Jackie certainly thought it was a cool idea (pun intended) and even came up with a new business venture off the back of it.

“You know what we should invent, a whole wardrobe that’s a freezer!” Jackie exclaimed. “So we don’t have to wash our clothes! Can you imagine just hanging something up and then it’s clean the next day!”


Hmm we don’t know how we feel about this…