If you got all caught up in the thrill of Pokemon Go, no doubt you’re awaiting the next big thing to successfully captivate your attention and every spare second of your time.

Well, I’m so glad to say it’s (almost) here.

‘Buy Somewhere’ can simply be described as ‘Monopoly meets Pokemon Go’.

The augmented reality visible through your phone puts players in a property tycoon style environment, as they roam the streets of Sydney building their own virtual property portfolio.

It’d be pretty easy to think that ‘Buy Somewhere’ was just a carbon copy of Pokemon Go but with iconic property instead of mystical dragons, however, lead developer Nick Griffiths told Load Screen the team had been in development for two years before they knew about Niantic’s Pokemon app – but it turned out to be a good thing!

“It received just the right amount of attention to benefit us, if it completely failed it would have polluted our audience, but because it educated the mainstream on what a location game is then tapered out, it left room for a new game in that space” he said.


The cool thing about the game is the way it turns houses, cafes and high rise buildings into interactive objects.

The algorithm built by the team processes real world information and turns each type into its in-game counterpart.

Oh, and don’t worry Melbourne/Sydney millennials, the amount of in game currency you’ll spend on properties is not subjective to location and only differs based on category, so you can keep smashing those avocados.

The game is also set to go global once it’s been beta tested and released in Australia over the next year.

There’ll also be opportunities to roll dice, as well as access special power up cards for players to battle over properties.



If it sounds like your thing you can sign up for the Buy Somewhere beta right here.

Source: Load Screen