My friends.

You’re welcome.

Another day, another reason why we should all have a little shrine dedicated to Aldi in your homes. 

Cinemas are closed, we can’t leave our homes but to be honest… with this why would we need to?

Aldi is selling a wide screen TV that is a whopping 65 inches and is only $529. 

Do you guys know how big a 65 inch television is?

65 inches converts to 1.65 metres which is 165cm which is 5’4 which is larger than the average height of a fully grown woman according to this random website. 


It’s got a bunch of features that you’d expect from a giant tv but not expect for a $500 one, including; 4K, Ultra HD, HDMI connectivity, USB playback and live TV recording. 

So if you have room in your house to home another human sized object then these bad boys are going on sale this Saturday 18th April in Aldi’s Special Buys!

Can you guys tell I love Aldi?

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